Twice Weekly Outdoor Sessions

Waterside Canoe Club run Outdoor sessions throughout the Outdoor Season (April- October) - Come along and join us! 

Sessions are mainly run from The Waterside Inn, on Tuesday & Thursday Evenings...

Arrival Time - 18:30   -   Starting Time 19:0    -   Finishing Time 20:30-21:00

In the face of COVID-19, We now have to conduct all weekly bookings on the booking portal for contact tracing purposes and to minimise our officials eposure to any potential risks from social distancing.

We now require anyone who requires assistance with anything on or off the water to be wearing a face covering, for the period of time where assistance is required. I.E. Adjusting/Fitting a Bouyancy Aid or Being Helped Into a Boat, After this, the face covering can be removed.
Exceptions to this and what will happen in the instance of a paddler in the water will be covered in the daily breif delivered to each session.
Thank You, for helping to keep you and us safe !

Use the Booking System below to Book & pay for your slot !

Members - £2.00 Own Kit - £4.00 Club Kit
Non-Members - £5.00 - 1 Taster Session at £5.00 then membership signing is required.



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