Waterside Canoe Club are fully committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of its members. Safeguarding describes how we protect adults, children and young people from abuse and neglect. It means proactively protecting those who may be vulnerable or at risk of abuse or neglect due to the actions, or lack of action, of another person.
Our policy mirrors the British Canoe policy which may be found here


We have a team of volunteer Welfare Officers who can be contacted if there are any issues around safeguarding or welfare concerns. They are empowered to take action to support our members.
Lauren Ellis – Welfare officer
Matthew Hollis – Welfare officer
Jillian Pawlyn –  Club Welfare officer
Mark Toussaint – Welfare officer
Welfare Officer
Welfare Officer
Welfare Officer
Membership Secretary & Level 3 Coach & Welfare Officer

If you have a concern

If you know of a safeguarding concern or allegation, whether it has been disclosed to you by someone else, something you have witnessed or something that has been worrying you, don’t keep it to yourself – always report the concern.