Waterside Canoe Club & Data Protection

Waterside Canoe Club is a not for profit sporting club and collects personal data from members (and people who are becoming members) only for the purpose of running the club. We will never share your data except with the governing body of our sport (British Canoe) or where directed to by the law.

We need to collect basic information such as your name, address and date of birth, but we also ask for your phone numbers and personal email address. This is to help us when organising trips and events. Some of these details are shared with British Canoeing as you gain associated membership of British Canoeing.

We also ask you to supply contact details of an emergency contact. Canoeing and kayaking is sport based in water and occasionally "emergency phone home" scenario arise. This data is collected ONLY for the purpose of emergency contact.

All data collected about you (or your emergency contact details) by the club can be permanently deleted if you ask us to. Please note that membership of the club does require a name, address and date of birth so us removing the data would mean that you are no longer a member.

We also ask you to declare and health related issues that you think may have a bearing on safety on the water (yourself or others). This can be shared with the lead water leader and does not form part of our permanent records. We do not share this data with anybody else (including British Canoeing).

Membership details are kept on record, in an encrypted form during your membership. We also retain membership records when membership lapses but delete old records after one year of lapsed membership. You can always ask for your records to be removed.

You can also create a user on our web site (for the purpose of ordering pool sessions or similar), you can delete these users at any time and doing so does not affect your membership of the club.